About Us

Who are we and why you should choose pagenaija?

We are an indigenous web design, social media management service and grapic design firm and oure goaal is to help you with the essential tools to keep and manage your business online at very affordable cost



Secure and hacker-proof platform


No fluctuations, steady service, fast and efficient.
Technical support

Technical support

Awesome support and we will respond to your queies within one hour
Complete solutions

Complete solutions

We have a subscription plan that is suitable for everyone .


To be the first choice web designer, social media marketing service provider and graphics designer to the customer(s) of our chosen niche.


To create quality, efficient and affordable services for our customers by genuinely placing the customer as priority.


The story of our core values can be summarized in the acronym S.P.A.D.E. These values are Simple, Priceless, Affordable, Dependable and Effective.


At PageNaija, we are web hosting service providers, web designers, graphic designers, social media managers and e-commerce experts.

We know the Nigerian economy as it is today and we are here to help our numerous customers and prospects to have an exciting experience as they take their businesses online.

We have structured our business in such a way that it is affordable to everyone and for every class or strata of society.

We have structured our web hosting solutions to monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly regimes so it is affordable. We have a one off web design plan and we can be reached to change or re-design the site for a small fee.

We have also given our customers the liberty to choose what platforms they want their sites to be built on.

We also carry out excellent graphic design, social media management and have an ecommerce store where we showcase excellent products

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