PageNaija Bio Page Requirements

Lets build your free Bio Page

Hello. My name is Philip Abhulimen. 

Thank you for visiting this page. Our aim here is to help you BUILD and HOST a simple bio page for yourself or your business for FREE.

To give you an example of what we will build, see my bio page here

What we need to get started

We will need the following from you to begin your free bio page

1. Your recent picture, facing forward, so your face can be seen
2. Your name.
3. Describe who you are and what you do in not more than 32 words
4. Three pictures that showcase what you do. 
5. Links to your portfolio (Not mandatory. If you need a PDF Portfolio, we can create one for you at a small fee. These links will be tied to the pictures)
6. Links to your social media accounts (not more than 6)
7. Choose two (2) colors to alternate background.

PageNaija Bio Page Requirements
1. Your Picture
PageNaija Bio Page Requirements
2. Your Name
PageNaija Bio Page Requirements
3. Who you are, What you do
PageNaija Bio Page Requirements
4. Three (3) Pictures that show your biz
PageNaija Bio Page Requirements
5. Links to your portfolio
PageNaija Bio Page Requirements
6. Links to social media

Send These Info

Get all these information and your 2 colors to us telling us that it is for your bio page and your page will be ready within 24 hours

Send The Info Via email or WhatsApp

[email protected]
[email protected]

**save our phone number as PageNaija

**We will not share your information

Who We Are

My name is Philip Abhulimen and I work with We are a digital agency with specialty in web design, graphics, social media marketing and video editing. We provide quality services and at pocket friendly prices. Visit our web site here and see our portfolio here. We wish do business with you soon.
PageNaija Bio Page Requirements

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