First Business Solutions


First Business Solution is a business organization that specializes in helping business organizations with tips and advice to grow their business. Through our physical interaction, Facebook page and Instagram page communities, we have affected the business lives of many individuals and corporations who would have otherwise being in the dark business wise.

As a firm believer in Jesus Christ, His redemptive work and the enjoyment of eternal life here on earth until the rapture of the church and beyond, we also use our platform to reach out to persons in a bid to impact them spiritually with the liquid love of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

We are passionate members of Christ Embassy Churches Worldwide and are radical about reaching the lost with gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, with respect to programs from Christ Embassy such as Rhapsody of Realities distribution, Reach out Nigeria, Healing Stream Live Services and others too numerous to mention, our policy is reflected in the following areas.

People are free to join us on our programs online or onsite and are not forced to do so against their will.

We will conduct ourselves with our new members in a way that is loving and is not against the laws of human existence or any Government laws which abides to what the scripture teaches

We collect the data of our new members or interested persons in a bid to establish a relationship with them and not to make them business offers or make them buy any of our products. If they do want to establish a business relationship with us after seeing what we offer, it is within their legal rights to do so.

If need be, there will be a review or change of policy and we will attempt to reach all relevant persons affected. The new policy will be available on our website and will be announce on the first business solution Facebook page

All questions regarding our activities or policies can be asked directly by contacting the admin on the first business solutions page on Facebook.

The effective date of this policy is October 1, 2021.

Thank you


Deaconess Abidemi Ogboru