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Bio Pages or Bio Links are one page mini-sites that helps individuals or businesses showcase their businesses by giving access to other important social media, blogs, or website platforms on which they have accounts. This will help your prospects have a better idea about you with just one link.

Who We Are And What
We Do

PageNaija is Digital Agency based in Lagos Nigeria. We are a pocket friendly business and help many businesses in areas likeweb design, graphics, social media management and video editing. This FREE Bio page / Link is an extension of our friendship to our clients and prospects to give them access to their own bio links.

How To Get Your Free
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We have several templates for bio links or pages. Click on each link below to see the live version of the templates below.

Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, Site 4, Site 5, Site 6, Site 7, Site 8, Site 9, Site 10, Site 11. Site 12, Site 13, Site 14, Site 15, Site 16, Site 17, Site 18, Site 19, Site 20

Connect with us on WhatsApp and tell us the template you would like us to edit for you or your business.

You will need to give us your name, a brief description of what you do (in 10 words maximum) and any five (5) social media or web links you would like to showcase (e.g. a blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, tiktok, your website, whatsapp, etc).

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