Lille and Gees


Lille And Gees is a house hold name to be reckoned with in the fashion, beauty and spa industry. Based in Lagos state, Nigeria, we have many customers around and beyond Lagos that patronize our services.

We are an honest business with the sole intention of beautifying your body as well as helping you give your body a treat in our Spa rooms. We offer top class services comparable to services in any other part of the world.

We have online presence on our social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On our page, we have helped several individual bring out their God-given beauty by helping them have a taste of heaven on earth. We have had many patronize our business and services where we provide top quality services and offer top class fashion, beauty and spa- related advice.

With respect to our online presence on social media, it is not out of place that we collect data from our many numerous clients in our bid to do business with them and reach them with quality propositions and services on our various promos and services like black Fridays.

It is therefore our policy that we gather data from online platforms to reach and re-reach our target audiences in a bid to establish a relationship with them.

Information gathered by our platforms includes the names of individuals, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

We will conduct ourselves with our Clients in a manner that is not against the laws of the human existence or any normal Government laws of the land.

Lillie And Gees as a legitimate business will not sell the information of her clients to third party for any reason whatsoever.

Information collected will mainly be from our physical businesses and our social media platforms.

Our Clients are not compelled or forced in any manner to join or subscribe to our business and can exit their relationship with us at any time they want.

All questions regarding our activities or polices can be asked directly by contacting the admin on the Lille and Gees Fashion, Beauty Salon and Spa page on Facebook. You may also contact us using our contact information and we will be happy to chat with you.

The effective date of this policy is 14 September 2021.

Thank you


Mrs Lillian Gerald

Managing Director

Lille & Gees Ltd.