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This 7-Part Personal Development Course from the SCHOOL OF INFLUENCE is designed to help you create massive breakthroughs and get to the next level of success in your life by teaching you how to:

⦁ Discover and master your true calling

⦁ Overcome the greatest obstacle in your pursuit of greatness: fear.

⦁ Reach your full potential as an entrepreneur or career professional by making you think differently about what you do and how you do it.

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Stanley Okosodo

Stanley Okosodo is a Personal Development and Success Coach whose life is dedicated to helping people discover their purpose and repositioning their minds for a more productive life.

He is the founder of Ziongold Global Concept, the parent company of The School of Influence, a leading provider of training and personal development courses known for helping people achieve greater success in life and in business.

He is a Licensed Aviator, Real Estate Development Consultant and Enterprise Development Consultant. He is also the host of Success Masterclass With Stanley Okosodo, a digital TV platform dedicated to helping people unleash their potential and achieve personal success.


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