Get All The Necessary Tools To Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Good Web site, Social Media Visibility And Accessibility


PageNaija is interested in bringing ease to your business online.

We have created the PageNaija platform to aid your business in areas of budget web design, exceptional social media marketing service, and a quality online graphic design for your business.

So if your desire is to reach more customers, meet new prospects, become more visible, trusted and reliable in business, this is for you. We genuinely care about the growth of business because we know that without visibility and patronage, there is no customer. This is what our business model is about - to help the customer with their website platform, social media platforms and excellent graphics. You can join our Nigerian Yellow Pages for free where customers and business can also reach you.


Get Web Design, Social Media, And Graphic Design Services

At PageNaija, we know that every business requires some online presence to be visible and trusted in the online space.

To this end, we help our clients in the following ways.


- Visibility (Running Social Media Ads).

- Social Media Management (Creating Excellent Content in the form of graphics, videos and write-ups).

- Repurposing Content (Repurpose and transform raw pictures, videos, graphics etc to excellent materials for web, social media and advertising)


- Assist our Clients to build excellent websites for their businesses .

- Create, host and manage funnels, sales pages, landing pages, opt-in pages for their businesses.

- Create e-commerce websites for businesses interested in receiving money via theri platform

- Create, host and manage templates from which our clients can choose from at a very minimal fee


- Help our Clients produce awesome graphics and videos that will enhance their brand and business.


Get Budget Web Design Service

PageNaija is a web design development outfit located in Lagos, Nigeria.

We are very passionate about helping people and businesses get their fuctional business website(s) at a budget web design cost if attainable, for their particular need(s).

We have experience in designing blogs, corporate websites, ecommerce websites, social media websites, funnels and more.


What is more, we can help you get your domain with us if you cannot get it yourself. We also provide excellent hosting services.

You can be assured of excellent site security and site responsiveness. We can also provide email services, should you rquire it.

In a nutshell, our web design services include but are not limited to the following

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Be Visible, Be Interactive, Be Social


Majority of the world's population today are on social media, over a whooping 6 billion people!. People and corporate organizations are on social media for several reasons.

PageNaija is an experienced Social Media Marketing specialist. We will help you meet your ideal customer(s) on social media by helping you develope engaging posts, ads, blogs and content that will make you known, visible and portray your business as a serious-minded entity.

We will help in your social media marketing engagements by helping seating with you and bringing up engaging contents, draw up content calendars, map out your right customers, get the right pictures with your brand pictures, logos and contents and run ads to make you visible in the socialmedia space.

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Online Graphics Design

In your marketing, branding, advertising, web pages, social media platforms and to the extent of your business card, your business presentations, company logo, company profile, company newsleter, company magazines, to mention but a few, you need good graphics. To grab the attention of your lead(s) or potential customer, your business cannot do excellent and well thought-out graphics.

This is where PageNaija comes in

With our experience, we will use the right pictures, backgrounds, fonts and packages for your websites, funnels, video ads, pictorial ads, promos,intros, out tros, white board animations, to mention but a few..

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Get your excellent website organized at the right price and at your taste.

Showcase your goods, services, social proof, talents and get payment online if your business allows for it.

Be social - Interact, mingle, attract, associate with people and other businesses on social media.

Get colourful displays, presentation videos, animations and graphics to bring your business alive online.

Express yourself freely - Do anything and everything that makes you and your customers happy!!!



Our dream is to make your business a business that can be trusted, accessible, and visible.

PageNaija solves this by touching the key areas of online business (web design, social media marketing and graphics design) that helps you (our customer) own your platform(s) (colourful website and social media marketing service) where you can reach and uniquely interact with your customers and be easily reached by your customers.



At PageNaija, we are web hosting service providers, web designers, graphic designers, social media managers and e-commerce experts.

We know the Nigerian economy as it is today and we are here to help our numerous customers and prospects to have an exciting experience as they take their businesses online.

We have structured our business in such a way that it is affordable to everyone and for every class or strata of society.

We have structured our web hosting solutions to monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly regimes so it is affordable. We have a one off web design plan and we can be reached to change or re-design the site for a small fee.

We have also given our customers the liberty to choose what platforms they want their sites to be built on.

We also carry out excellent graphic design, social media management and have an ecommerce store where we showcase excellent products

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Questions and answers


Is this hosting good or will be fluctuating?

Our hosting providers are one of the best in the world. The service will not fluctuate. You and your customers/prospects will have access to your site for as long as subscription lasts


What type of sites will you build for us?

Depending on your need, PageNaija will build either a static HTML and CSS website or a WordPress Website or An Ecommerce Site or A Sales Funnel Site for you. Please check our services and contact us using the contact form or our whatsApp page.


How can I get started with any of your services?

The process is quite easy. You will have to chat with our customer representative on whatsapp or call if that suits you. We will ask you for some details which includes 1. Your Name 2. Email 3. Phone number 4. What type of site you want to build or service (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Video Ads Presentation, Logo and / or Picture Ads) you want us to render 5. Relevant informations, documentations and pictures required to build your site or help carry out your service. 6 A face to face meeting (this is not compulsory if you dont want to) 7. Financial commitment for website building and set up or for service to be rendered.


How will my website look?

You will have an awesome looking, fast and responsive website that is adaptable to mobile. Your address will look like this.. https://pagenaija.com/your business name/. Your business name of course will be whatever you suggest. Its time to stop worrying about an over expensive website and to focus on your business while we set up for site or render your service. This is for customers that wish to be attached to our web extension.
If you are want a WordPress or Sales Funnels website, you will get a profesionally built and well designed website or funnels that will make your visitors happy. If it is an ecommerce store or a digitally downloadable site you need, we will ensure that your site is working as per industry requirements.


How will my Logos, FB Ads, Video Presentation, Picture ADs etc. look after the design?

Your FaceBook / Instagram Ads will have a high reach to your audience, Your Logos, Video Ads and Picture Ads will be compelling and captivating.

Your website and its associated features represents you...


You can focus on building your business while we help you design / upgrage / update your website, make you visible on social media and infuse excellent graphics on your platforms online at a very low cost

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Why pagenaija ?

1. Affordable 2. We build your excellent site 3. Your business goes online for a low cost 4. Fast and responsive to mobile 5. Free SSL certificate 6. Hacker proof 7. Excellent and effective FB and Instagram Ads 8. Awesome attention grabbing Logos, Video Ads and Picture Ads





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Technical support

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