Pagenaija Mini-Sites Features

With about NGN 1000 - NGN 2000 monthly, you can effectively own your site as an extension of ours. We have selected several templates you can use for free once you are subscribed to our service.

We will edit any site of your choice with your information for free once you are subscribed in the first month. Your monthly subscription ensures you are online with your template.

Here are some of the key features of this platform that you need to know and take advantage of to improve your personal or business presence online.

Free Templates

These templates boost your inspiration. We have chosen the best templates just for you.

Low Subscription

With about NGN 1000 - NGN 2000 monthly, we will host your template as a site for you.

Excellent Sites

These sites are free but are of very high quality and will boost your business appearance.

Your Information

After choosing your site and paying your first subscription, give us your information to edit your site.

Hosted On Our Domain

We will host your site as an extension on our site. The domain will be"your-business name"

Safe Sites

Our sites are built on HTML and CSS and are pretty safe from hackers and its encripted SSL Certificate.

Light & Fast

Our HTML and CSS sites are light and fast - the load time will encourage users continue on it.


Choose template, subscribe, supply your information and get a hosted site in 24 hours.


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