"Superstar Groom is that place. It’s in a class on its own, in a classy environment where you can relax and be yourself."

Segun Rich

Superstar Groom Is The Place To Be

Segun Rich

24 years old barber

Hi, my name is Segun, popularly known by my customers as super star magic fingers. I am an experienced barber and i have been groomed by the very best.

Without being boastful, we will give you a face lift. Irrespective of the style you want, be you ma,e or female, we have our expertise and experience to make you look good.


27 years old customer

There is this hairdo I have been longing to cut for a while. And I didn't know who would be able to do it just the way I wanted it.

I approched Superstar Groom and boy, am I glad i came here. I was received properly, asked what style I wanted and here is the cut on my head, only it's better than I imagined. I have found my new place.


33 years old customer

Ladies, do you need that perfect hair cut? Superstar Groom is where I cut my hair.

Their service is second to none. You can have your hair sprayed there as well and you will be treated as the queen you are.


29 years old Customer

There is only one place you can have satisfaction guaranteed, when it comes to hair cuts, carving for beards and your relaxation and comfort, with respect to barbing and facials.

That place is Superstar Groom. They will give you the magic touch. When they start to cut your hair or organize whatever style you want, you just know you are in safe hands, be it dyeing, dreadlocks, even curls are not left out. I'd rather stay with the best.