By Philip Abhulimen - December 7, 2022
Hello people. I want to share with you today the concept of drop shipping. Many people know about dropshipping but it can take a while before you begin to record the type of sales that you can encourage you to continue.In today’s post, I will be sharing with you some of the basics of drop shipping as a style of eCommerce.What is dropshipping?Dropshipping involves the dropshipper selling an item he or she doesn’t directly own for some personal profit.Steps in the dropshipping processIn more detailed terms, the drop shipper displays the items of a supplier, with an already marked-up price. ...
By Philip Abhulimen - October 15, 2021
All business owners want to be perceived as entities that create or produce quality services. This is why branding actions are carried out where color choice, typography, logos, and the right images are selected.So, why are logos so important? It speaks of identity, quality, ownership, and values. It is the first point of interaction with the business prospect or customer because they are displayed on the business card, websites, social media platforms, and most importantly, on the mind of the client.Your logo should make a solid first impression with your customer. If you can't have a quality business logo, how ...
By Philip Abhulimen - October 14, 2021
Print media seems to be on the decline since the advent of the internet. Daily newspapers and weekly print journals that were once the live wire of the '80s are no more in vogue.Magazines, on the other hand, seem to have remained relevant and have become more relevant with the internet and electronic copies.Studies have shown that creating media in the form of magazines is more appealing to 84% of persons between 15 years -24 years old. The same studies also prove right for men with a higher percentage more interested in a magazine than the newspaper (source: World Advertising ...
By Philip Abhulimen - October 11, 2021
In today’s world, being in any type of business requires you to have your own online space. It's nice to have a Facebook or Instagram account but this isn’t what I mean by you having your own online presence. You need to have your OWN website.Just think about the way that you as an individual create a relationship with the business world around you. Most certainly, you go online to find out the prices of a good or some service you want to be rendered to you. Why do you think that those you would love to be your customers ...

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