A Simple Way To Begin Your Dropshipping Business Within A Week

By Philip Abhulimen - December 7, 2022
A Simple Way To Begin Your Dropshipping Business Within A Week

Hello people. I want to share with you today the concept of drop shipping. Many people know about dropshipping but it can take a while before you begin to record the type of sales that you can encourage you to continue.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you some of the basics of drop shipping as a style of eCommerce.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping involves the dropshipper selling an item he or she doesn’t directly own for some personal profit.

Steps in the dropshipping process

In more detailed terms, the drop shipper displays the items of a supplier, with an already marked-up price. The customer sees the item, buys the item, and asks for the item to be sent to his residence. The supplier, who also works with his / her delivery personnel or company, handles the logistics and sends the item to the customer. The logistics personnel or company delivers the item and collects payment for delivery and the item. The supplier collects his original fee and sends the profit/difference to the drop shipper.

What You Need To Start Your Drop Shipping Business

Your need to begin a drop shipping business varies according to how sophisticated or simple you want it to be. In this write-up, our dropshipping will be limited to suppliers that are within the country. That said, below are the basic requirements for our dropshipping.

  • Extensive Product Research
  • A good supplier
  • Visibility Platforms
  • A system to organize your leads

We will discuss these requirements in detail.

Extensive Market Research

You should do good research for products that are in good demand and something you are conversant with or passionate about.  We will focus on selling items from two platforms. They are Jumai and Jiji. You should register on both platforms and look at the type of goods or items that is sold there.

Most of these items are from China, and more often than not, from Aliexpress. So what you want to do is to find those items on Aliexpress that are very hot selling items. Check for products that have done of 3000 in sales. When searching for health items be wary of how you display them on Facebook. You could get banned.

After finding your niche item on aliexpress, go to google and search your item name + Jumai or your item name + Jiji.

Promotional Materials

Get clean pictures of these items. High-quality pictures can positively affect your sales strategy. Also, you will need to go to youtube and see if you can find videos of the products and download them.

Refine your products by removing the sound from the video and placing sound from hot Nigerian artists or any music that is catchy and suits you. You can use the Kinemaster app, video mate, and the Inshot app to edit your videos.

Getting A Good Supplier

A good supplier can make or mar your gig or business. You need to choose a good supplier and make sure you can make some good cash for your efforts. Make sure to let them know you are a drop shipper and that you would sell their items as a business.

You buy from the supplier and sell at a profit. Let the supplier know that he has to organize the logistics. Test several suppliers so you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You can decide to use the express service on Jumia to make quick deliveries or if the deliveries are not around your area. If not, choose a supplier from Jiji.

Please also note that it would be better that your supplier handles the delivery for you. Make sure you have discussed all the terms of the delivery when you are directing him to the customer. This most probably is a pay-on-delivery service if you are working with Jiji. Jumai may require the customer to pay first. Weigh your options and see what flies.


There are several major ways you can create your visibility.  You may decide to create a page on social media and begin to showcase this new gig. You may decide to run ads on Facebook or Instagram. You may use your WhatsApp status for visibility. You may also decide to do a squeeze page and a landing page for your product so you can gather the information of your leads and remarket other products you intend to sell to them via email marketing.

Use the promotional items you have created to carry out your visibility strategy on all the platforms planned.

Your message on your visibility platform may sound like this:

An amazing new way to burn belly fat

See result in 7days Guaranteed

Pay on delivery in the major states in Nigeria

Quick delivery to your location

N5000 only

Do an initial post before running a Facebook or Instagram ad.

A system to organize your leads

We have shared about how to get your products, the supplier, and your customer. We also talked about what platforms will be best to use for visibility. Then we moved on to talk about squeeze pages and landing pages.

You may ask, what is a squeeze page?

This essentially is an online page that generally prompts your customers to supply their names, emails, and phone numbers.

Why should you as a business person or drop shipper be interested in this information? Well, this is how you can begin to keep your customer and remarket other items to them.

Your landing page is that online page that contains your sales offer. It shows the item you want to sell, and its qualities if there are any variations in colors, sizes, etc. Your landing page also contains a link to your checkout page if you want to collect the money online using paystack or flutter. But if you are willing to do a pay-on-delivery service, you do not need the link to get paid.

You also may want your customers to chat with you on WhatsApp, so you can find out if they are truly serious about getting the items and to be ready when the suppliers are sending the items. You can chat with them about their locations and the actual delivery fees. You can tell the customer to save your number on the phone as you may need to make contacts on other important deals.

This way, your customer can see your WhatsApp status when you showcase your need gigs on your status.

You create a relationship with the customer by following up on email and WhatsApp with beautiful and exciting products you have on a regular basis.

I hope you have enjoyed our post for today and we do hope that you gained tremendously from it.

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