8 Reasons Why You Should Showcase Your Business Life in a Magazine

By Philip Abhulimen - October 14, 2021
8 Reasons Why You Should Showcase Your Business Life in a Magazine

Print media seems to be on the decline since the advent of the internet. Daily newspapers and weekly print journals that were once the live wire of the '80s are no more in vogue.

Magazines, on the other hand, seem to have remained relevant and have become more relevant with the internet and electronic copies.

Studies have shown that creating media in the form of magazines is more appealing to 84% of persons between 15 years -24 years old. The same studies also prove right for men with a higher percentage more interested in a magazine than the newspaper (source: World Advertising Resource Centre).

Do you want more people to take you, your brand, and your business seriously? Do you want people to know and see you as the real business that you truly represent? Wouldn’t it be nice to let people know that your business or company is alive and progressing? For these reasons, you must consider showcasing your business life in a magazine. And you may ask, why in a magazine?

1. They Are More Attractive

Many persons will keep a hard copy or e-copy of a well-organized and designed magazine than that of a newspaper write-up. Magazines are known to sell as well as, if not better than these other forms of written media.

So if your organization gives away free hard copies or e-copies of its monthly publication as a magazine and showcases your products and services, chances are that these materials will stay than just ordinary write-ups.

2. Technology-Friendly

A magazine is cool and classy. The hard copy can be kept in your library. Living room, church, school, car, etc. It's trendy and decorative in its own special way. You can also take it in your phones, laptop, desktop, iPod, etc. It's colorful and it has that inviting feel that tells the onlooker, “Read Me”. Imagine the ease with which you can sell your services with this media and retain loyalty from your leads.

3. Creativity

What precisely can’t be done in a magazine? Well, everything can be achieved with good content, pictures, a lovely template style, and attractive cover pages. The list is endless.

4. Valuable Advertising

You can give life and color to the way you advertise your products in the magazine. Also, you can make good money by having advert slots for other companies.

5. Undervalued and Underestimated

Many businesses are yet to take advantage of selling their brand through magazines. Your business can be a forerunner in this venture and stand a chance to go ahead of the competition in reaching your prospects and customers.

6. Brand Extension

Where properly designed, your monthly magazine can be an offline and/or online extension of your website or brand to your customers.

7. Engagement

Imagine receiving a glossy, colorful, magazine on a niche you are passionate about, on a monthly basis. Before long, you would be addicted to receiving these magazines and would gladly refer your friends and family to this awesome material. This engagement is purely emotional and this magazine can create this type of engagement and relationship between your customers and your brand.

8. Reach

The reach of a magazine is timeless and without restrictions. Imagine being able to subscribe for free copies of a magazine on a niche you are passionate about. Or better put, imagine having your customers, leads, or followers receiving free copies of your business magazine. Anyone who is as interested in your niche as your customers, readers, or followers can as well be introduced to these materials (which display and sell your brand). These new interested people could as well subscribe to receive your magazine, emails, or newsletters regularly. The rate of reach has a geometric effect.

PageNaija can help you in your strategy to showcase your business activities in a magazine format as we have done this for several other organizations that cut across several niches.

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